Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Joy of donating my hair

I always hate having a short hair. The kind of hair I have is the natural wavy type, thick strands, coarse, and full of volume. So, I always make it a point to maintain it long and have it straighten by the professional. It's very hard to manage if it's shorter, above shoulder cut will make it like an apro style, very thick that you can't see my small face anymore, it's all hair! I envy those who have natural straight and thin hair, its easy to manage and can have a the style of hair they want. But everytime I see a short hair woman and she carry it beautifully, wow, I wanted a short hair too! there are variety of styles of short hair. there comes a time that I wanted to cut my hair short if I see a short haired one that is really nice. But, if I remember that my hair is different type from them, even I choose their style, I know the outcome will be not be same as theirs. So, no, no, to short hair ever!

my long hair before and this is my short hair now, its a nice feeling that your hair is being use by some people who are in need of hair, is
Things changed when I watched a video from the cancer patients that need wigs. They were financially disadvantaged cancer patients across the US who suffer from long-term medical hair loss. A well-established non profit organization called Locks of Love is the one who gathers the collection of hair from donors. From watching step by step, I learned that my hair is very qualified for donation. I felt a sense of guilt upon watching the children who has no hair because of chemotherapy. And here is my hair, useless long hair that needs to be cut but I refuses because of vanity. I decided right away to have a hair cut. And it's a blessing in disguise, that my hubby received a gift certificate from a well-known salon in the community. A $50 worth of hair styling, shampooing, plus 3 different products of their famous brand. Hubby wanted to transfer the gift certificate in my name. He always have a military cut, and he doesn't need the hair styling, lol. We immediately booked for an appointment at Stardust Salon. Both of us wanted a real change, he even told me to have my hair shorter, might be cute for my little face. That statement coming from him made me completely push thru on my hair donation. The salon staff was pleased to know about my plans, and their salon is also an active donor in that organization, they know the step by step procedure. I signed up a form, they help me gave an envelope to put my hair in the plastic container. The feeling of joy, knowing that my hair will be useful to someone gives me a sense of fulfillment.