Friday, December 12, 2008

Show your stuffs at

Share your latest digital camera, car, cellphone, gadgets or even some places that you visited. Sharing your stuff doesn't mean you give it away. You simply share your experience with it. That is similar to give a simple product review based on your own experience. This is what acobay is all about. Connecting with people with the same stuffs. If you want to buy something like for example a new digital camera and looking for a comparison or review, you can check first on this site communities, real-users of cameras, sharing their real-life knowledge on buying and using digital camera with each other on a voluntary basis, without getting paid. That way, you'll have an idea what to expect in the brand that you want to buy. You can also find the best stuffs based on rating by thousands of real users; stuff that are hot these days and reviews and comments of people who share the same interest as you. Actually, I also share my own stuff and gave my review, and what's the pros and cons of that product.

The site is quite fresh, and under development but they welcome any suggestions either via your review or an email to make the sites more enjoyable and useful. Why not start connecting now and know more about the stuff of your interest.


Finally, at last ---a day-off.... a do nothing, lay around and read the paper, do my foot spa, catch up on some blogs, chat with friends, maybe go see a movie & relax.

Ah,..I'm dreaming....there's no such thing as day "things-to-do list" is waiting for me. I have to go for ENT check up today. And then there’s that stack of bills that requires some check writing. Make Christmas cards, set up the Christmas tree and decorate, clean the kitchen, vacuum the floor, do laundry, give Sarge a bath and oh, the "honey-do list". First and foremost, I need to cook a good dinner tonight (husband been complaining I'm not cooking anything), we've been eating frozen foods and take outs lately. Now, that I'm working in the Hospital's diet office, I've been learning about proper foods to serve. Since we have ground beef in the fridge, 3 pieces of potatoes, and green beans, I've decided to cook meatloaf, with mashed potatoes, gravies and green beans.

Christmas is little over 1 week away and I have yet to plan anything. Not sure if my stepdaughters will be here for Christmas.

Sadly, there goes my day off…