Thursday, June 25, 2015

Michael Jackson, King of Pop

Just made a shout on my Facebook today.

Six years ago today, the world lost a musical legend. I grew up listening with his music, it was in the '80's when the "Thriller" album had took Philippines by storm with "Billy Jean" song being a tremendous hit - in the time when there was no cable TV, no internet, even places there is no electricity knows him and sing his songs. Moonwalk became so popular and there were competitions of Moonwalking/breakdancing throughout Manila. Boys wanted to copy Michael Jackson, by wearing his style of clothes, shoes and socks. 

Now that I live in USA and look back at those years, I feel that a true International star passed away.. And it's mind blowing to know that up to this date, the "Thriller" Album still holds the Highest Selling album of All time.

What truly amazes me, he was more than an artist, he was a real Humanitarian who supported more charities via money donations and sponsorships, than any other entertainer in the world. Michael donated part of his earnings on his 1996 Concert in the Philippines for the renovation of one hospital in Manila. Truly amazing. It was hard for me NOT to be an MJ fan. RIP King of Pop.