Sunday, December 14, 2008


Just done shopping after my ENT appointment, bought some stuffs for the Christmas tree. Good thing lights were not needed anymore because husband bought a fiber optic tree.

This neighborhood spent a lot on decorations, the houses across the street put up a Christmas lights all over their house and garage, awesome work. Some set-up a Bethlehem in their yards, or big Santa Claus (which is lighted inside) in their front door. What really amazes me is how they set the lights with style, there is this house that has reindeer running in his yards, of course it's not actually running, it's only an optical illusion made by the lights. By just looking at it, I guess he spend thousands of dollars with this kind of decoration. Made me curious who the owner is. We just moved to this neighborhood about 3 months ago, the only people I've known so far are the elderly couple who lives next door.

Later on, my husband said that the owner of that house has a reputation of making the best decorations every Christmas. And his name answered all my curiosity, he is Mr. Nick Claus. What a name.