Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our new place

the movers(mayflower, key city moving)

Leaving Dubuquethe day of our moving

Finally, after 2 days waiting in the hotel, we just moved in the townhouse yesterday. The place is quiet and safe. We have a garage, storage, 2.5 bathrooms and a patio. The cable company that we called came right away and installed the internet and cable connection, so within 4 hours of moving, we have an internet connection instantly. I was so happy to see that there's a big church close to our place, hubby said it's not a Catholic Church, but by just looking at the design and the facade, I know it's a cath0lic church, and I just confirmed it when I saw the name, Queen of Apostles. And it's very close to grocery stores and mall too, well, by the rising cost of gas nowadays, I will just walk to save. Now, my job hunting process started, I just saw some establishments that might be a possible work for me. So far, so good in our new place, but I still miss Dubuque, the people and the place.
Our new place
dining area
living room