Thursday, November 6, 2008

Operator Tactical Pants

5.11 Tactical Pants sell the best tactical pants in the world, the Operator Tactical Pants. These pants are loaded with features, a total of 10 pockets, 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester, Fade Resistant Fabric, Diamond Gusset Crotch Cinch Waist System, Cargo Pockets with Organization System and many more, just visit their site to find out.
These load of features with such a low prices compared to those tactical pants produced by big name companies that do not have as many features as this Operator Tactical Pants. You know why they sell these pants with such a low price? Because they cut out the big name middle man and went factory-direct, so they are passing the savings onto you. Grab your pair now before it runs out!

Second hand smoke

Floating Casino where I work
Talking about my previous post about the smoking ban here in the state of Iowa, but casinos are exempted. You are free to smoke all you want anywhere inside the casinos. I can't believe I'm now one of the casino employees who face a lot of health risks in the workplace. It's scary about having to go to work every day breathing in toxic smoke and then go home smelling like an ash tray. Some reasons I applied on this kind of place, first, it's closer to our house, second, there are tips involve. My job requires direct contact with customers, who wants to order drinks and food. I like the job but not the cigarette smoke issues, I think I will not keep this job. But I will stay until I find something better.