Monday, December 8, 2008

Surefire Flashlights

Surefire Weapon Lights

When it comes to quality flashlights that last a long time, gives powerful light and are simple to use, I recommend Surefire Flashlights. It is a tactical technology company who manufactures illumination tools that are powerful, compact, rugged and reliable. I personally own a Surefire LED Flashlights - it is a high performance flashlights with features such as digital regulator circuits to maintain consistent levels of light output for as long as possible, and digital current limiters to protect the LED module from current and heat-related damage. Surefire is the first to utilize these breakthrough features in a handheld LED. It is one of the top flashlights used by police officers and security guards. The sturdy design always makes me think it could double as a weapon if you run across a burglar or prowler in your home.

They are quite simply the best flashlights in the world!


Do you have a Capital One account? You might receive an email telling you to take part in their Christmas Reward Survey and in return they will credit your account $35 -just for your time. I've received an email from Capital One. I mean claiming to be from Capital One. They will give you a link to open and at the beginning I believe it was genuine, because they have the Capital One logo on the site, looks like a real Capital One website, where they will ask you to log in and enter your password. What makes me suspicious is that when I log in, it doesn't fill up my password automatically. In the real Capital One website, everytime I log in my username, my password filled up automatically, which is good because I forgot my password already for a long time now, I paid my monthly bills with that style. Now, back to that link they gave, I tried to log in, and guess a password, and Iwas surprised it opens another link, there you will filled up personal informations, and what makes me more suspicious is that there is a box asking for your account number, there you go......this is generally known as 'Phishing'.

Here's for you to try: this is the link they gave, open that site, try to log in using any names and password, and you will be directed to hoax website(but looks like a real one) and attempt to trick customers into supplying confidential personal information such as account numbers, PIN numbers and passwords.

If you think you've received a hoax email , you can forward it to Or if you already supplied your personal information, report it immediately to Capital One. Check your transaction activities everyday. To be sure there's no one using your account.