Sunday, April 13, 2008

A walk in the Mississippi River

It was a relaxing Saturday morning, after a brunch at the nearby Asian Restaurant, we decided to burn the calories that we accumulated by walking at the Riverfront with Sarge. T'was a wonderful experience for me because being here for almost 2 years, this is my first time to walk in here. The fresh air, beautiful view of the river and the cool breeze will perfectly makes you relax and healthier, the reason why a lot of babies in the stroller here, children's having fun riding their bikes, families with their dogs. Now, that it's Spring time and the weather is warmer, hubby and I plans to do this walk every weekend. I think walking while seeing nature is a good stress-reliever plus it's an inexpensive form of exercise. I noticed lately that I'm gaining weight. I was a skinny 98lbs when I came here, now I'm bulging 110lbs., the buffet restaurant is the real culprit, plus no physical activities, I don't exercise.

The beautiful stretch of walkway that you can see above features many opportunites to see attractive staris to the water edge, pedestrian connection to the many attraction on it's route like the floating casino, the historic boat, the Grand Harbor Resort and waterparks, amphitheater, the National Mississippi River and Museum, the Riveredge Plaza, Greyhound park and casino and many more attractions that you can see at the Port of Dubuque. The America's River project for the Port of Dubuque made a good job on this.