Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Age Discrimination

Just done talking with my sister on the phone and she told me about having a hard time finding a job. And the reason, her age. Why such discrimination? In the Philippines, age discrimination (for applying a job) is prevalent. Just take a quick look at the job ads you have in the papers and you see employers everywhere specifying age qualifications:

Older people are barred from applying for jobs that they may qualified for. You would easily find ads specifying people 30 years and older “need not apply. I really think hiring more mature(older) workers are better because the older you are, the more experience you have in your previous jobs, in previous careers even.

Here in the US I'm greatly impressed  how they treat applicants. If you're qualified, you're qualified whatever your age may be.(or whatever your looks are) They won't care about your age, race, color, status, disabilities or gender. I work with people whose age ranging from 72 to 17 years old.

I remember those times in the Philippines when I was looking for a job, I spent a lot of money just for a photo, because they require you to include latest photos in the resume. (because the not so good looking were immediately screened off/discarded, I knew it, I was in HR while they were screening resumes). It's true that sometimes you will not get hire if you're not pleasing to look at or unattractive. The more attractive you are the more chances of getting a job. And oh, they even asked personal questions during the interview if  you have a boyfriend. Lol.