Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thanks, PPP

This must be quick, I really need to write this post to express my appreciation to PayPerPost. I just cashed my earned money from this blog yesterday and went shopping. As what I've wrote on my previous post when PPP accepted my blog, my earnings will be for Christmas presents for my family in the Philippines. And now is the perfect time to send a package for them, usually it takes 2 months before it will reach the receiving country. Here are some of the stuffs I bought I know they will like, a tennis shoes, digital camera, NBA tshirt, perfume,make-up, chocolates, coffee. I wanted to add a PSP (special request from my nephew)but my budget ran out, must write more PPP opportunities, to earn more, lol. I know I neglected my blog the past few weeks, I'm so stressed out with a lot of things like moving again, having a full time job, lifting of my conditions, etc., that I have no time to write a post and visit other blogs. My apology to my blogger friends who I've neglected to pay a visit but they continue to visit my blogs. I know I owe you, friends, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Now, I discovered a new way again to fill up my pay pal earnings, I just join Cashcrate
and within 2 weeks of completing surveys, I already have an approved September earnings of $38.60 and pending earnings of $52.25. I'm just doing this thing on my extra time, like 1 hour a day after I'm done on my important things to do in the internet. So, guys, if you have 1 hour to spare in the internet, why not do this stuffs and earn dollars, (you will not pay anything)wherever you are in the world, even in the Philippines, they have some offers for you too. I'm just sharing what I'm enjoying right now, just an extra small cash to supplement your income. Not bad.