Monday, April 21, 2008

Moving to Wisconsin tomorrow

The big day has come, we are moving to Pewaukee, Wisconsin tomorrow. It's been so crazy, packing, cleaning the house, carpets, making sure its clean so that we can reimbursed our deposit. We are going to be without Internet for a week (it depends if the phone company is quick to install us a dsl connection). So, I probably won't get another post up until week. We will be staying in the hotel for 2 days , because the townhouse will be available on April 24. If there is available internet service in the hotel, it will be great.

Anyway, tomorrow the moving company that we hire will come and pack all our stuffs and then we make the drive to Pewaukee We just packed few personal things in our suit case that we will use for 2 days. This is my second time moving, but the first one is not far, it's still here in Dubuque area. And I really hate moving, for packing, the movers will do the job but for unpacking time, there you go, the hardest part of moving. The lifting and arranging of furnitures, heavy chairs, beds, etc. The only part that I love is the decorating part.

We were both excited about the new place and our next chapter, hubby can't wait to start working again. And me, job hunting again.