Monday, August 4, 2008

Removing Conditions

Ninety days from now is the expiration of my Conditional Permanent Resident Card (known as Green Card). And we must have to file jointly (husband and me) for the Removal of the Condition to be able to get the Permanent Resident Card. We just mailed the packet today, good thing Jon take the day off today and we went to the post office together. To be sure, we mailed it via Priority with tracking number. According to some websites, California Service Center process faster than Vermont or Texas, well hope it's true. Because time is really important for us now due to our plans of moving next month. Hoping I get a mail for biometrics before we move on September.

For those readers who doesn't know, this process is for the immigrant who married a US Citizen. USCIS or Department of Homeland Security, wants to be sure that your marriage is real and you did not come to the US to evade immigration laws. They wanted evidence of relationship such as documents showing that you live together as husband and wife. Here are some strong evidence that you can send: financial records showing joint ownership of assets and joint responsibility for liabilities, such as joint savings account and checking accounts. Joint federal and state tax returns, insurance policies that show the other spouse as beneficiary, joint installments and other loans. Lease or mortgage contracts showing joint occupancy and or ownership of your communal residence. You can also add an affidavit of y0ur friends attesting to your relationship and marriage, letters from relatives and friends, christmas cards, holiday cards or anything that shows that you live in the same address. I included all of these in our packet just to be sure we will not get RFE's or delay for additional informations.