Friday, January 16, 2009


Your car is most likely one of your biggest investment, so in the event that you've got an accident, you don't want to leave your car in the hands of just any collision repair shop. If your choosing for a quality collision repair center to fix your car, you must opt for a certain business services that takes pride in the job they perform. A friend from Portland, Oregon just had a misfortune last year, he got a car accident. His friend recommended auto body shops portland, according to him he used their services before and very satisfied with quality of their work. His car had the same looks like it was before the accident, like nothing accident happens, the dents gone. They repaired his car back to manufacturer's specifications.

These network of expert body shops are composed of collision repair experts from different city of Oregon. You can just type the zip code you live in and it will lead you to the proper auto body shop of your city. Or if you are a collision repair expert and a shop owner, you can join their network and be a part of their "best in class" collision repair experts. Just fill out the form on the Join page. You must be committed to excellence in quality and customer service and also be focused on continuous improvement.

The network holds its members accountable to its core values.
Core Values: Trust - Commitment - Care – Competence

Transcription at home

In today's world everyone is looking ways to increase their productivity and save time. Transcription services able to save your time by simply dictating it to basically an online secretary or a transriptionist. If you have a good listening skills and above average in spelling, then you can make money in the comfort of your home. I have a bunch of friend who are doing transcription at home, I want it too...but I'm poor in listening skills. I even tried to enroll in a trancription school in the Philippines, I was so confident that this is the kind of job that qualifies me 100%, because I know I can take dictations fast and I'm not that poor in spelling. But I failed in listening skills, I can't get some of the words the doctor's dictated. I'm not sure if I have hearing problem or it's just the slang words. Even I rewinded it many times I still can't get what it means, so I gave up, lol. The word "Robitussin" in the dictation was pronounced "Robi-tasin", hehehe.