Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mass on Sunday

God is pretty amazing in the way that He continues to provide for me. Being new in this place, I'm lucky to have a church near home. I think I have found the one in this church, there is a strong sense of community, contemporary service and great youth program. I like the way priest expresses his sermon, humorous but full of conviction and convincing. Although, hubb doesn't goes with me, he is not a catholic, I enjoy attending sunday service regardless where the church is.

This church is twice the size of the church in Dubuque. Very huge inside and nice. The only thing that I notice here, after the mass, the priest will go to the exit door where everyone can say a final goodbye, greet, shake hands, or talk to him. Since no one knows me there yet, and my first time, I introduced myself to him(Father Bob), and he gave me a welcome blessing. Unlike the Catholic churches that I attended in the Philippines, church here serves wine to all during communion. But up to you, if you want to drink, because a lot of people will drink on one glass. At least 1 glass in a line. The server just wipe the mouth of the glass after each drink. Some drinks, some don't. Another thing, at the time of communion, people will stay in their seat and wait for their turn to stand up and goes in line. First row at the front will stand first, goes in line, then second row, third row, and so on and so forth. It's systematic, if you will attend in the Philippine church, people will just line up regardless of the seating arrangement. People are everywhere, standing at the back or side, crowded.