Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Credit Card Processing Service

Credit card acceptance is an important step towards building and operating a successful business on the Internet. It is a must if you are selling products on your website. Using credit card online is now so widespread that you will lose customers if you can't accept payments directly to your site.

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NO smoking bill

It's been a week since we moved back here in Dubuque. It's still the same, except when we went to the bar,, I noticed no one smokes inside and we found out that the law on no smoking took effect last July, well, good for me, coz I hate cigarette smokes. I remember before we move in Wisconsin, it's still a debate whether smoking ban should be imposed or not in Iowa. As far as health and health care and bringing down the price of insurance, it’s good. But, the fact that casinos are exempted, and bars not, I have mixed emotions on that. I thinks its unfair for small businesses like bars, people go to bar to unwind and smoke, I know because, hubby and me frequents to the bar, and one of our friend is a bar owner. I think it’s quite clear that the state has said it’s OK to smoke as long as you keep dropping money in the one-arm bandits. Unfortunately, they’re going to force more people to go to casinos, where they’re going to spend money, drink and drive home.