Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cruiser Customizing

Spring is back, and it's time of year again to ride your bike. I have liked motorcycle since I was a kid, but the only thing is I'm scared of riding them. I had some fun watching those guys on their harley's last year at Milwaukee. Their bikes speak for their personalities, customized with attractive stickers, you could easily guess where they came from and what they want to express. Real bikers put their heart on riding. If you're a real biker, motorcycle community is the place for you.

Wherever you are in the world, it's an international community where motorcycle riders can connect with other bikers, share their experiences, have some fun, teach each other, and learn a thing or two. There are many things you can do here like check out stories from other bikers, watch product installations,upload and watch video, share your photos , talk to other bikers, join groups, buy and sell motorcycle parts and accessories.

Potential Market

How much would someone pay for a misshapen rock? My friend and her husband were at a lake near their home in St. Paul, Minnesota when she came across a rock that was shaped like a kidney. She has an online store in eBay, and decided to sell the rock. I was wondering who would gonna buy a stupid rock and I bet it will come up with zero bid. Well, I was wrong. Somebody paid $25 for the rock. That got my interest..... I was wondering what I could sell on eBay. I'm starting what I have of zero value that I could persuade someone to buy. One way to get richer is to come up with a product that is pretty much worthless, but convince people that it has some value. Whoever invented bottled water, that's a good example.