Thursday, December 4, 2014

Boracay Experience

Our Marine Walk Experience, this was fun, highly recommended 

I have to agree that Boracay is heaven on earth !! My husband keeps bugging me to go back on that paradise again. It really is powdery white and the water has no rocks so it looks great.  Only we had bad experience on the first hotel that we booked, well, it certainly was all my fault, I chose the cheapest promo from Travelonline was lured by the cheap price of $350+ 3d/2n inclusive of airflight, transfers, plus freebies like dinner meal for two @Red Coconut, Jonas shake, and pizza, the name of the hotel is La Carmela de Boracay Resort Hotel. And since it is a beachfront, I grabbed their promo right away. But definitely, we are not going back again, ever! we only spent one night, then move to another hotel, I'll tell you why...please keep reading :)

We were so tired after the long trip, from Kalibo Airport we were guided by a dispatcher to  a shuttle provided by Travelonline, it was a long one hour ride, going to the Jetty port.  At the Jetty port there was another transfer again,  we ride to a ferry boat with approximately 10-15 passengers, it's highly recommended you wear a sand slippers or plastic slippers and shorts/sundress or a beach wear because you'll get wet once the boat starts running.  I thought that's our last transfer but after we got out from the ferry there was a  shuttle again that pick us up going to our hotel destination.  All in all there were 3 transfers from  Kalibo Airpot, so bring books or cameras to take pictures while on the road :). 

When we arrived at La Carmela, my husband was not so impressed with the area :( I am not exaggerating, upon check in, they bombarded me with all these house rules on noise and henna tatoos, I told them we are so tired, but the staff, she went on and on about their rules: My gawd, this woman was clueless. These people should really make an effort to personalize their customer interaction. I really felt like I was being reprimanded, instead of treating me as a guest.  No consideration about what you've been through just to get there on the island, airflight plus 3 transfers! They are so strict you have to put a P2,000 deposit w/c is refundable upon check-out and signed tons of documents even we are already prepaid.

When we open our room, my tired husband was very mad, yes, I am aware this is not a five star hotel, but omg, was it dingy, the room was so old and celing has water damage, there were ants on the wall, the bath mat was yellow EWWW, I mean it's just common sense to replace the damn thing,their beds have  (bed bugs! yuck), my husband was so furious and told me we need to move to another hotel right away, but at 6 o clock at night? no way Jose, I was so tired and the last thing I want to do is walk. Upon using the bathroom, the hose under the sink was leaking, seriously!!! WTF! , We called the front desk to report it, after 30 mins, there were plumbers and went to fix it, the room smelled mixed of paint and rugby, at that point we left the room and went out to avoid the terrible smell.  ANOTHER have no choice but to walk either through the old wings corridors OR the outside pathway if you want to go to the waterfront. Both options are smelly and dingy and reminds me of a really CRAPPY Motel. Free Wifi should be the norm not just near the pool. You have to pay for internet. I paid P100 good for 24 hours. Save a little more money and go elsewhere or else your trip will be ruined by staying at this hotel. It is SO not worth it. It's like they squeeze all the money out of you because you have to pay for any addition thing.
The thing is, I have no complainst about Travelonline, I will definitely book in their site again it's just a wrong choice of hotel.  The only good thing about this hotel is it has a good location right at the center of commercial areas and where the action is, the nightlife.  

That night we went to a seafood buffet for dinner that was close to the hotel, and asked the servers what hotel can she recommend or the best hotels in Boracay.  She wrote at least 10 hotels that she thinks we can enjoy.  We go on to the list, the following morning, we started at FRIDAY'S. my husband was so impressed and booked the hotel for 2 nights right away,  The  hotel is situated on a magnificent private beach and not crowded at all. The rooms are beautiful, with nice beds and matresses and all the practicalities you need. We got the honeymoon suite,  and no, the price we paid is not cheap, but when it coming down to service, I am more than happy to be served by smiling attentive staff and pay for it.

our suite at Friday's
You can find this paradise at the end of Station 1 

Friday's private resort 

This beautiful sandcastle was made by a kid :)

Willy's Rock


 I can't wait to go back to Boracay! And if I were to choose where I would want to stay, I will definitely choose Friday's again! Thanks so much for the warm hospitality! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Flood-free Camella Homes?
Alright, I came across this Bank website that sells Foreclosed properties, it is so tempting, imagine you are just required to pay only 10% of the indicative price , then Title can be transferred in your name right away and have full control of the property....but it requires due diligence and careful research to avoid getting burned because foreclosed properties are sold by "as is where is " basis.  Means, if there is a legal proceeding or occupants in the said property you are responsible to continue the case or ejectment case  once you already bought the property.  I almost get a property through PNB, I've been following this property that I want located in Del Nacia Ville QC, 234 sqm , for 1.3M. My computations shows for just P130,000 (10%) I can have the title in my name. then the rest I can do payments. If I am lucky I can have it rented and earn a passive income. This is a good deal price except that there is a pending legal case, the bank will disclose right away.  After months of waiting and follow up, the bank finally said the case Annotated in the Title was already dismissed.  I immediately asked for the copy of the Title and let my brother checked the property.  Unfortunately, my brother told me  there still occupants which requires ejectment proceedings which is not easy, lots of time and money for a lawyer. Just thinking about it makes me stressful lol.   Well, I gave up in buying Foreclosed Property, its not for the faint hearted.

Developers got my interest, I've seen some who offers affordable payment scheme.  My goal is to buy a property and have it rented, so it  can generate income. Condos, townhouses, duplex are not on my list of interest,  I prefer single detached house which locations are within Quezon City, Caloocan North/South, Novaliches except camarin, zabarte area. Camella homes have properties on my area of interest and their payment scheme is very affordable.  I got interested in one of the property they have, Carmela model located in Caloocan, and immediately contacted the agent listed on the property named  Edwina Gayo Guarin, she responded and we agreed for tripping.  During the tripping she showed 3 properties, 2 RFO (with house already built on the lot) but my brother don't care about it, it is located near the creeks.  The other one is NRFO, Corner lot (no house yet,meaning for construction)  it's elevated he thought its safe and a flood free zone, my brother really likes the area so he told the Agent he wants the corner lot.

The subdivision is very accessible, to markets, schools, and close to church. 15 mins to SM north, Trinoma, close to govt. offices, accessible to Quirino Highway, Mindanao Ave, Zabarte rd, camarin rd,.  So we decided to get the property. The Quotation she provided stated after payment of 15% TCP the construction will begin (6-8 months) or 10% payment if there is Letter of Guarantee from the bank.  The 10% is not that bad, so I thought I will just shell out the 10% so construction will start immediately. This is thru bank financing, I chose PNB because of low interest rate compared to others, 5.5% for first year according to their home loan site. 

 I am aware that developers has this strictly Non-Refundable Reservation fee policy, I understand, this is for holding the property that you reserve. So if you are not really sure of the property you are buying don't pay Reservation fee, think twice, thrice, many times, because buying a property is a big decision.  After further discussion and lots of thinking we came up with the decision to get the lot, the following day my brother signed the  Reservation Agreement for 20K pesos, the contract specified we have to pay our first DP after a month. While processing all my papers and coordinating with the marketing officer, Camella office, I don't know I have this feeling that something is not right., I want to make sure everything is right and make good decision before paying the 10%, it's a hard-earned money, after this payment there is no turning back.

So I talked to my brother and told him to check the property again, do ocular inspection, asks neighbors, interview homeowners, etc etc. Guess what we have discovered? The guard of the subdivision told my brother that the property identified in our Reservations Agreement is NOT the Corner Lot that we want. They changed/switched our lot. Yes our lot is somewhere, the guard who knows the place really well pointed us the Real lot that we got.  Our lot apparently is located in  an end unit close to the creeks, much to our dismay, and  its the lowest area in the subdivision.  We are so disappointed, frustrated, furious, and to the point I already murdered  the Agent in my mind.  I contacted the office right away to my dismay they said the office has nothing to do with it, and we need to talk to the Agent. 

Worst of the worst. Camella office said that the Corner Lot is already sold prior to our tripping, they actually informed the Agent about it, but this Agent Edwina Gayo Guarin who is desperately wants to close a deal,  asked them if there is another available property  that has the same price that she quoted to us, and switched  our lot with the end unit. 

 This is a clear misrepresentation so we  demanded a Full Refund of the Reservation fee, but the office is not responding to our request. My brother went to the office and met with the Agent Edwina Gayo Guarin, she admitted her mistakes, cry in front of my brother and give back 50% or 10k pesos to my brother, she said its the only money she has.

What if we did not discovered the mistakes right away? What if we already paid the 10% and we found out the house they built is not in the corner lot? As of now, I'm still requesting the Camella-Caloocan office to refund the 50% of the reservation fee, since the Agent already give the 50% back to us.  I emailed their office and requested a Refund due to misrepresentation. 

I think it's a blessing in disguise that we did not continue pursuing Camella properties, here's why, after turn-over, you still have to deal with them, even you already own the property they still control you, like if you want to do an extension or fix  the house you have to pay them a bond of 20k (they said its refundable but a lot of homeowners said its not 100% refundable, may kupit pa sila). Every construction materials that you will bring inside the subdivision is subject for approval from the guards (sekyu has control over you lol) , the specifications/lay out is subject for Camella's approval. Homeowners dues, you have to abide homeowner rules/ regulations etc etc. 

I am not connected to any developers, and I'm not here making false statements against Camella , this is my true and real experience from them. 

This is almost similar case if we pursue the property click this link : switching lot

If you open this blog and read the comments  :  Victims of Camella

If you google Edwina Gayo Guarin, she is actively selling properties in Caloocan, Quezon City, Nova area,  this is a warning don't deal with this person, she will do anything to close the deal even to the point of deceiving you. 

Don't deal with Camella-Caloocan either.