Saturday, January 17, 2009

Have fun playing Paintball

If you love action, speed, sneaking up and shooting, then paintball is the game for you. Paintball popularity has been growing for sometime now, mainly because of the thrill that it gives to those players. My husband shot real good, his shooting ability is above average. I knew he was a sharp shooter in the army , but now, I thought he is not that sharp anymore because of the age, lol. I'm wrong, the man still good in handling guns, that's why he love paintball. We played once and it was fun, the act of sneaking up on him and shooting him, while not hurting him except for a small paintball mark makes it more exciting. You can also play outdoors in the woods style or indoors, closed quarters, but I like outdoors better.

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PPD Test and the BCG vaccine

This shows a positive PPD test result (a red swollen with 2mm diameter)
Here in the United States, health care providers uses a simple skin test called the PPD (purified protein derivative) to test for exposure to tuberculosis. This procedure is done by injecting the tuberculosis germ under the skin and if there is an induration or swelling, hardness or firmness of the skin, then you are positive. Unlike in the Philippines where they normally uses Chest xray for pre-employment requirements, here they require you to have a PPD test. When the hospital hired me, they required me to have a PPD test, and I was positive. I was scared of course, I've been exposed to a lot of TB patients back home, and I know that being exposed to a person with an active TB, you can have their infection too, you will not aware you've got it because your immune is strong. It is called an inactive TB in your system. The germ is already in your body but not yet causing disease. This is the scenario that I thought I have when I was positive for a PPD test.

My employer scheduled me for a chest x-ray just to make sure if I have an active pulmonary tuberculosis, but the result was negative. The nurse asked me if I had a BCG vaccine , and I said yes I did, but I am not sure when. I showed her my vaccine scars on my shoulder. Then she told me maybe that's the reason why I am PPD positive, due to the vaccine itself rather than from exposure to the germ. I learned that BCG vaccine is not common or not available here. If you had BCG vaccine before then more likely, you will get a positive result. If your an immigrant, and your employer asked you to have a PPD test done, just let them know you had a BCG vaccine before, they may not let you do the test anymore.