Sunday, December 14, 2008


Just done shopping after my ENT appointment, bought some stuffs for the Christmas tree. Good thing lights were not needed anymore because husband bought a fiber optic tree.

This neighborhood spent a lot on decorations, the houses across the street put up a Christmas lights all over their house and garage, awesome work. Some set-up a Bethlehem in their yards, or big Santa Claus (which is lighted inside) in their front door. What really amazes me is how they set the lights with style, there is this house that has reindeer running in his yards, of course it's not actually running, it's only an optical illusion made by the lights. By just looking at it, I guess he spend thousands of dollars with this kind of decoration. Made me curious who the owner is. We just moved to this neighborhood about 3 months ago, the only people I've known so far are the elderly couple who lives next door.

Later on, my husband said that the owner of that house has a reputation of making the best decorations every Christmas. And his name answered all my curiosity, he is Mr. Nick Claus. What a name.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Show your stuffs at

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The site is quite fresh, and under development but they welcome any suggestions either via your review or an email to make the sites more enjoyable and useful. Why not start connecting now and know more about the stuff of your interest.


Finally, at last ---a day-off.... a do nothing, lay around and read the paper, do my foot spa, catch up on some blogs, chat with friends, maybe go see a movie & relax.

Ah,..I'm dreaming....there's no such thing as day "things-to-do list" is waiting for me. I have to go for ENT check up today. And then there’s that stack of bills that requires some check writing. Make Christmas cards, set up the Christmas tree and decorate, clean the kitchen, vacuum the floor, do laundry, give Sarge a bath and oh, the "honey-do list". First and foremost, I need to cook a good dinner tonight (husband been complaining I'm not cooking anything), we've been eating frozen foods and take outs lately. Now, that I'm working in the Hospital's diet office, I've been learning about proper foods to serve. Since we have ground beef in the fridge, 3 pieces of potatoes, and green beans, I've decided to cook meatloaf, with mashed potatoes, gravies and green beans.

Christmas is little over 1 week away and I have yet to plan anything. Not sure if my stepdaughters will be here for Christmas.

Sadly, there goes my day off…

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Prison Inmate Locator 2

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Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus

Jon and I were invited to watch a play last night at Grand Opera House. It was a last minute invitation, and I have no idea what's the play is all about. What makes me excited is the idea of watching our good friend Joan acting in the stage and her beautiful daughter Kari singing in the stage too. We arrived a little bit early, I got bored and walk around, it's an old building but has an impressive architecture, not so modern. Then, I saw Joan in 1897's costume walking towards on my direction, I was laughing, we hug and talk a bit about her role, as a salvation army widow, soon I realized that the play is all about the classic question of an 8 year old girl, Virginia O'Hanlon "Is there a Santa Claus?" What a lucky night, I thought.

I met or should I say, became familiar with Virginia in a popular TV Game show hosted by Kris Aquino, Pilipinas, Game ka na ba? Virginia made the contestant won 1 million pesos, a young high school boy. The million dollar question was, what was the first name of the 8 year old girl who wrote a letter over 100 years ago to the editor of the New York Sun.
"Dear Editor, I am eight years old. Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. Papa says if you see it in the Sun, it's so. Please tell me the truth. Is there a Santa Claus?"

The smart contestant, not even a second answered "Virginia". And that made him a millionaire.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Surefire Flashlights

Surefire Weapon Lights

When it comes to quality flashlights that last a long time, gives powerful light and are simple to use, I recommend Surefire Flashlights. It is a tactical technology company who manufactures illumination tools that are powerful, compact, rugged and reliable. I personally own a Surefire LED Flashlights - it is a high performance flashlights with features such as digital regulator circuits to maintain consistent levels of light output for as long as possible, and digital current limiters to protect the LED module from current and heat-related damage. Surefire is the first to utilize these breakthrough features in a handheld LED. It is one of the top flashlights used by police officers and security guards. The sturdy design always makes me think it could double as a weapon if you run across a burglar or prowler in your home.

They are quite simply the best flashlights in the world!


Do you have a Capital One account? You might receive an email telling you to take part in their Christmas Reward Survey and in return they will credit your account $35 -just for your time. I've received an email from Capital One. I mean claiming to be from Capital One. They will give you a link to open and at the beginning I believe it was genuine, because they have the Capital One logo on the site, looks like a real Capital One website, where they will ask you to log in and enter your password. What makes me suspicious is that when I log in, it doesn't fill up my password automatically. In the real Capital One website, everytime I log in my username, my password filled up automatically, which is good because I forgot my password already for a long time now, I paid my monthly bills with that style. Now, back to that link they gave, I tried to log in, and guess a password, and Iwas surprised it opens another link, there you will filled up personal informations, and what makes me more suspicious is that there is a box asking for your account number, there you go......this is generally known as 'Phishing'.

Here's for you to try: this is the link they gave, open that site, try to log in using any names and password, and you will be directed to hoax website(but looks like a real one) and attempt to trick customers into supplying confidential personal information such as account numbers, PIN numbers and passwords.

If you think you've received a hoax email , you can forward it to Or if you already supplied your personal information, report it immediately to Capital One. Check your transaction activities everyday. To be sure there's no one using your account.