Saturday, April 19, 2008

Last Day at Work

they surprised me!
Moments like these always feel weird and sad........

Weird because you're leaving something you've come to know so well to venture off into somehow unknown future, sad becasue you're leaving a lot of memories and will be missing the people you actually spent most of your day with for almost 2 years. I guess, its the relationship you build with them, the good times and even the not so good ones and how they touch your life.
when I entered the lunch room, I was surprised to find this fruit pizza, they said they made it because I love fruits, oh, made my heart melts. During lunchtime they always see me eating a lots of fruits, and it's my main course of meal, lol.
they asked me to wear this corsage through the entire day, oh, my I feel uncomfortable but the students said it was lovely.
I was surprised to find this hanging on the wall when I entered the gym, staffs and students signed and wished me goodbye. That's so touching. All the while I thought, it's just another ordinary day that will pass by and a simple goodbye on my last day. There were some who wrote in Tagalog words. I taught some students tagalog words like salamat and walang anuman.

My fellow staff Heather and me posing with some of the students.
My fellow staff Natalie and me posing again for another souvenir.
These nice people above were my closest, I was seated on Betty's lap, she's a mother, a friend, a companion rolled into one. The smiling guy is Rick, the most approachable person I've ever met, very helpful guy. Julie and Sheila were than a co-workers to me, they treated me as sister, my personal advisers, I learned a lot from them. And how can I forget my grandma Marie, the woman who always wears a red vest everyday, she's a great person, and understands me always.

This beautiful plant with white flowers, gifts, cards, flowers, were some of the remembrance I received from them. I appreciate the efforst of some of the students who made goodbye cards for me, it was really touching.
I'd like to thank all the guys at work for the great ride. It was great getting to know you all, it was fun working with you.