Thursday, October 30, 2008

My.Suit Men's Professional Fashion

I love seeing a man wears a suit. The guys at my workplace wears suits and ties, and it is such a turn on when men dress up because most of them hardly ever do it. Oh and maybe that's why I love weddings so much. Prom wasn't bad either.

For suit colors, I think navy blue and mid-grey are nice, because they go with the greatest number of shirts and ties, can be anything from casual to wedding attire, and suit most colorings. And for the fabric, for Northeastern US residents, both should be wool or flannel to survive in a cold winter. My friend who is tall and slim loves to wear four button suit, and he really looks best on it. He told me about his Made to Measure experience.

"The overall experience with My.Suit is amazing. After making an appointment to be measured, you are able to select a style, fabric, color, and any number of features available, or that you can think of. The accuracy is unparalleled; anything I haven't expected is due to my own oversight. And to make things better, their service is great, prices are very reasonable (save at least $100 on a department suit) and they are very good about deadlines and letting you know when to expect your order; and yes, they'll even speed it up for you to meet that special occasion, which they've done for me before. I plan on only owning their clothing in my future work wardrobe. Highly recommended. The suit that came from My.Suit is much better. I wanted the front of the jacket hand basted instead of any fusing. Working sleeve buttons, hand picked lapels and pockets. The pants and the vest are both perfect fits.The overall fit and quality is great for the money even for many hundreds more."

And for a person whose measurements do not fit off the rack clothes, this site will help. Make an appointment to be measured now here
My.Suit is a global company with over 40 years of manufacturing and retail experience. It is a division of one of the largest suit makers in the world. They sell made-to-measure suits at close to off-the-rack prices.