Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's been a long time......

with Elvis in Las Vegas.

Hello all, it's certainly has been awhile...
It's been a long time since I've put anything on this site,by looking at my last post below--vvv--dated March 29, 2009, close to 2 years,wow,I wonder if anyone of my blogger friends still remember me.(as if I have readers,lol!). My life's been a little nuts over these past couple years! Yes, I completely forgot about blogging, it has been busy and crazy.


*MOVING 2X, not fun huh. I was in Pewaukee when I posted my last article. Then we moved back in Iowa, lived there for a year, then Jon got a job at Ft. Mccoy as Training Specialist, so we packed and moved to the Wisconsin's Cranberry country,Tomah which is about 9 miles to Ft. Mccoy.

Ahhh, and boy was it nice.
We went to Orlando, Florida in 2009. First time to see Disney World, we had a great time. Everything about Disney is a happy memory, it's a grand place where young and old can relax and have some good clean fun.
Then 2010 on our 5th Wedding Anniversary, hubby treat me to a Las Vegas trip. I want to see the casino capital of the world, just seeing and no plan to gamble, I originally told my husband that I would just watch him gamble, but then I got hooked with those machines and especially if you start winning a bit. We started off playing penny machines then, dollars then as the days went on we were down and started playing for nickles :) Hubby won more than thousand dollars, and we got the money trip back. Lucky on the first trip, but our second trip to Vegas (Jan, 2011) we lost money :(.

I landed a new job at the base, finished a short course in health care program, and preparing for the certification test or get another program for upgrade. Or planning to move again, who knows, yes you heard it right moving again.

Well, go back to the reason why I made this blog active again, it was 2 weeks ago when my good friend Margaret  told me  about her Reading Caravan Raising fund projects.  She mentioned my blog, and for the first time again in almost 2 years I remember I have a blog (that made some money, too) yes, it made some deposit to my paypal account before, lol.  Not a big amount but good enought than wasting time on the internet playing games.

What really surprised me the most in my the earnings on my google adsense, yes, my blog has not been active for 2 years, but the ads still there and running, and some random visitors clicking on them. I curiously logged back in couple days ago to check what's goin on in my blog, ( even forgot my password here, lol), then found out I have $88.09 earnings just on my google adsense, without doing anything, and actually forgot about my blog.  The greatest earnings here is the payperpost and Izea,, I activated my payperpost and got an offer of $7.00/post or .05cents per word. I know I have to start all over again, but it's not bad.  I checked my page rank, and not sure if it's accurate but I got PR3, unbelievable!
P.S.  Thanks, Margaret!

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